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SCOTTISH AMATEUR FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION STANDARD CONSTITUTION Note that any approved local rule is printed in red italics within the Constitution 1 Name and Objects (a) The League/Association shall be known as the Midlands Amateur Football As


LONG-TERM SUSPENSIONS NAME - Club - IMPOSED BY - START - FINISH Andrew McLeod - Menzieshill Athletic - MAFA - 03.11.2005 - after request P Slaven - Celtic AFC - SAFA - 01.05.2006 - after request Robert Kilpatrick - NCR AFC - MAFA - 04.09.2


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No Call/Late Call

Here is a complete list of the clubs who didn't contact the Match Secretary or Webmaster with their results on time. 2/6/18 Lochee Utd v Douglas Athletic (MS & Web) 30/5/18 All results in on time 29/05/18 All results in on time 28/05/18 Al

Players Looking For A Club

All details of players who contact the website looking for a club will be listed here. If players wish their name to be removed please contact myself and I will take down all details. James Dobbie - 07885624857 Kevin Miln

Monthly Suspensions (10 pages)

Clubs Arbroath Harp Arbroath HSFPJ Sievwrightx3, Bank St AthS Griersonx1,J McLeodx2,A Turnbullx1,I Gourlayx1,D Calderx4, Barnhill AFCM Byrnex1,D Salisburyx1,S McIntoshx4,C Innesx1,S MacGregorx3,T Condiex4,R Bissellx1, Broughty UnitedL Barriex1,C

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